【Call for Papers】The Journal of Daesoon Thought and the Religions of East Asia (JDTREA)

Dear Members,

We would like to share the following information from Daesoon Academy of Sciences (DAOS) for your interest. It includes a promotional reward for presenters of the coming Annual Meeting.


In 1992, Daesoon Academy of Sciences (DAOS) was established at Daejin University. The Journal of Daesoon Thought and the Religions of East Asia (JDTREA) is an international collaboration, supported by DAOS, but with a global outlook. The journal has an international advisory board of senior scholars, who have different academic backgrounds but share a research focus on religions. In addition to Daesoon Thought, JDTREA publishes research on the religions of East Asia from a large variety of academic perspectives. Having an article printed by JDTREA is an opportunity to be both published alongside world-renowned scholars and to receive equitable research support. We greatly look forward to your interest and contribution.


JDTREA welcomes scholars of East Asian religions to share their research findings. The scope of possible topics is broad and comparative topics are welcome. If interested, please submit an article via the E-Submission System at www.jdre.org



Please send your article through the E-Submission feature on our website at www.jdre.org.  For JDTREA’s Style Guide, please visit www.jdre.org/author/guideline


Research Support


In the case that an article is accepted, the author will be awarded research funding of $1,000 USD upon publication of the article in the Journal of Daesoon Thought and the Religions of East Asia (JDTREA).


Presenters Wanted: Meeting of the East Asian Society of Scientific Study of Religion (EASSSR) 2022 in Taiwan

* Session Theme: East Asian New Religious Movements: Past, Present, and Future

* Researchers who present at this session at EASSSR and submit a draft article to JDTREA (due by July 31st), will be eligible to receive a $300 USD participation award. Assuming all conditions are met, this award can be combined with the research funding mentioned above to result in a maximum sum of $1,300 USD. If interested, please send your abstract to the email address in the contact section below by April 15.



Please address all inquiries to DAOS (idaos@daejin.ac.kr)

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