Dear all applicants accepted,

The Society is very glad to invite you to the 3rd Annual Meeting to be held from July 17 to 19 at Jeju National University, Jeju, South Korea. Basically this conference will be conducted through the online platform Zoom or Youtube except for a plenary session and a special session organized by the Institute of Peace at JNU. Although we really hoped to see all of you on the JNU campus, South Korea government continues to require all persons from abroad to take the 14-days quarantine. Thus, it should be noticed that JNU and EASSSR cannot issue an invitation letter concerning this conference. However, the Society and JNU organizers will try to help all participants to communicate with each other more efficiently and easily during the conference. 

On the other hand, many applicants already paid their fees on the registration form. We really appreciate it. If you need to pay registration or membership fee, please use the paypal account of EASSSR as below:

** Conference Registration Fee (Receiver by Paypal:

      [Established Scholar] Members: $30  //  Non-members: $60

     [Student] Members: $15 // Non-members: $30

** Membership Fee (Welcome to join our Society, click on this link)

** 한국 내 대회등록자의 경우 Paypal 정책 상 아래의 계좌이체만 가능합니다. 

     동아시아학회 계좌정보

The deadline of paying registration fee is May 31, 2021. There will be an additional charge after the deadline.

If you have any questions regarding this conference, do not hesitate to contact by 

Looking forward to seeing all of you online.

Best regards,

Francis Jae-ryong Song

President of EASSSR