Election Result in 2019

We officers are very glad to announce that the below candidates were finally elected in the 2019 EASSSR election for new leadership with almost 100 % support, as you see in the attached file. Although only 55 of 168 eligible voters participated in the voting, we believe that the high level of support is reflecting a strong trust in the elected members.

All of us congratulate all the elected on their election and expect their contribution and new leadership.

Vice President from Fall 2020 to Summer 2022  

Yoshihide Sakurai (University of Hokkaido, Japan)


Executive Council Members from Fall 2019 to Summer 2022 

Kuo-Hsien Su (National University of Taiwan)

David Palmer (Hong Kong University, China)

Tomoko Fukuda (Chiba University, Japan)

Mark Mullins (University of Auckland, New Zealand)


Executive Council Members from Fall 2020 to Summer 2023  

Francis Lim(Nanyang Technology University, Singapore))

Hung-jen Yang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

Hyun-Jong Choi (Seoul Theological University, Korea)  

Xiangping Li (East China Normal University, China)  


If you have any qustions about this result or need more information on it, please be free to contact me anytime.

Thank you!


Kwangsuk Yoo

General Secretary of EASSSR

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