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In 1992, Daesoon Academy of Sciences (DAOS) was established at Daejin University. The Journal of Daesoon Thought and the Religions of East Asia (JDTREA) is an international collaboration, supported by the Daesoon Academy of Sciences, but with a global outlook. The journal has an international advisory board of senior scholars, who have different academic backgrounds but share a research focus on religions. JDTREA publishes research on the religions of East Asia from various academic perspectives. JDTREA publishes twice a year in March and September. The type of papers sought by our call for papers is listed below. We look forward to your interest and participation.


JDTREA welcomes scholars of East Asian religions to share their research findings. The scope of possible topics is broad and comparative topics are welcome. If interested, please submit an abstract.


Proposed Themes:


  1. Ideological Analysis: East Asian religions have been presented in a vast multitude of ways throughout history. What are some novel or less common ways of understanding these religions?
  2. Recent or Historical Developments: Religions change over time to maintain relevancy. What are some of the most significant changes or less frequently acknowledged changes undergone by East Asian religions?
  3. Practical Applications: East Asian religious ideology is not merely theoretical. How have these ideologies shaped the various enterprises operated by East Asian religious organizations?
  4. Societal Works: Many East Asian religions engage in altruistic activities. How are these works funded, cared out, and organized? What data has been collected on these operations?
  5. Comparative Topics: As with any religious movement, East Asian religions were neither born in a vacuum nor kept away as an island. Which religions, philosophies, organizations, or other entities have influenced the specific East Asian religion that you research? Which religious movements currently engage with that group in inter-religious activities? What comparisons can be drawn between that group and other religions or philosophies?
  6. Other General Topics on East Asian Religions


Research Support


In the case that an article is accepted, the author will be provided with a research award of $1,000 USD following the publication of that article in the Journal of Daesoon Thought and the Religions of East Asia (JDTREA).




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