Minutes of Executive Council Meeting on Sep 11, 2021

Minutes of Executive Council Meeting 


[Date & Place] Sep 11, 2020 (Eastern Time in the USA), Zoom meeting


Fenggang Yang, Francis Song, Yoshihide Sakurai, Kwangsu Yoo, Anna Sun, Mark Mullins, David Palmer, Francis Lim, Kuo-Hsien Su, Hung-jen Yang, Tomoko Fukuda, Youngbin Lim; (Invited) Chris white


  1. Meeting Chair’s greeting and introduction (Yoshihide Sakurai, Hokkaido University)
  2. Past President’ Farewell Address (Fenggang Yang, Purdue University)

– It is decided to share with all members by email and posting soon.

  1. New President’s Inaugural Address (Francis Song, Kyung Hee University)

– It is decided to share with all members by email and posting soon.

  1. Introduction of the new website (Chris White, Purdue University)

– suggestion of putting various pictures on the front page and making SNS accounts like twitter or facebook.

– consideration of hiring a student staff to take charge of the technical issues

– necessity of uploading more information on employment, and encouraging communication between members and interaction by posting on the website

  1. Report of Preparing the 2021 annual meeting (Kwangsuk Yoo, Kyung Hee University)

– next conference dates (June 25 to 27, 2021) suggested by the Jeju National University

– request of rescheduling the dates, while considering the period of the 2021 ISSR conference in Taiwan

– suggestion of online conference, while considering its cost, technical issues, and registration fee

  1. Report of Finance (Youngbin Lim, Yonsei University)

– payment and refund of registration fee in two cases

– scheduled to make a detailed report of incomings and outgoings in 2021 general assembly

[Next steps]

  1. All members are asked to recommend candidates for new members of executive council.

Please send their information by fyang@purdue.edu (Fenggang Yang).

  1. The Society reorganizes each standing committee and its chair. (Yoshihide Sakurai and Francis Song)
  2. The Society launches a working group to find the possibility of hosting next conference by online
  3. The Society makes a schedule for the second Executive council meeting in 2020 (Kwangsuk Yoo)
  4. The Society posts both farewell and inaugural address on the website, while sending them all members by email (Kwangsuk Yoo)

If you need more information on this meeting, please contact general secretary (Kwangsuk Yoo) by easssr2017@gmail.com. Thank you!

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