[Call for Papers] The 2020 EASSSR Conference in Jeju-Cancalled

The 3rd Annual Meeting of the East Asian Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (EASSSR)

“Religion and Peace in East Asia: Reconsideration of Roles of Religion in the Post-Secular Age”

July 23 to 25, 2020

Jeju National University, Republic of Korea

Call for papers


Religion has always played an important central role in promoting hope and vision for peace. Each religion present in both East and West emphasizes a religious importance of spiritual and ethical life based on justice, peace, brotherhood, and mercy. Religious beliefs and practices for the pursuit of a just and peaceful world should be considered more expansively at the political, social and national level as well as at the individual level, and further at the level of the entire humanity. The complex roles of religions in war and peace in modern times, especially in East Asian societies, should be examined more carefully and systematically. With the global spread of political nationalism and economic protectionism, China, Japan, Korea, and other societies all face an internal conflict triggered by extreme oppositions and tensions within the established social order, while increasing the possibility of a clash between nations in the area. In this circumstance, both scholars of religion and peace need to pay more attention to social roles of religion through reflecting a reconsideration of the revival of religion and, more specifically, the public roles of religion in the ‘Post-secular Age’ which needs a multi-layered dialogue beyond “interreligious dialogue” ever pursued. Finding the spirit of religious tolerance and harmony inherent in East Asian religious traditions as well as religions introduced in modern times, the papers based on various perspectives are welcome. In particular, priority will be given to the papers that include the following topics and interests without any limitation to the geographical and cultural context and boundaries of East Asia.


– Socio-historical studies on religion as an agent of peace or conflict
– Relationship between religion and peace in the (post-) secular age.
– Comparison of Eastern with Western religions in the quest for peace.
– Case studies of peace building in East Asia.
– Thoughts and practices of peace in traditional religions and/or newly-risen religions in East Asia.
– Case studies of the transformations (or appropriation) of traditional religions.


However, any topic in the social scientific study of religion is welcome. In particular, any proposals of closed sessions organized by three or four papers are welcome, focusing on different perspectives within a same religious tradition. In case of individual papers we will arrange them into each session in accordance with their topics.


Abstract Submission

Paper Abstracts should be submitted by March 31, 2020:

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